Vegan Kosher is an internationally accredited standard and certificate administered by Orthodox Jewish rabbis from Israel.

Vegan Kosher includes two certificates in one stamp.

1. Confirmation that the product is 100 percent vegan.

2. Confirmation that the product is kosher according to the kosher rules of Jewish law.

Hence the pairing of the words Vegan-kosher.

The Vegan kosher certificate is not just another certificate. It is a symbol of kosher while also a certified confirmation that the product is vegan.

The Vegan Kosher logo helps you purchase products and be one hundred percent sure that the product you are purchasing is indeed vegan and kosher. The logo will save you time, reliability concerns, reading complex labels, interpreting unfamiliar components or contacting the manufacturer.

A product that has a Vegan Kosher logo on it is one hundred percent vegan, and is one hundred percent kosher according to all the kosher rules in Jewish law.

A product approved by Vegan Kosher does not in any way contain animal ingredients such as meat, eggs, milk, or honey, nor does it contain any raw materials that are in any way composed of animals, nor will it be given to any products manufactured through the use of animal products in the production process. If the product is made in a factory that also produces or owns animal products, then the manufacturer will be obligated to take all necessary steps to prevent any mixing in the production line process.

The Vegan Kosher Committee adheres to veganism at the strictest level as well as kosher standards.

If you know of any vegan products that do not currently display the authorized Vegan Kosher logo, please contact the manufacturer and suggest that they join Vegan Kosher. This will not only help other people find vegan or kosher products easily, but will also let the manufacturers know that people are looking for kosher, ethical, healthful and environmentally-friendly vegan products.

Vegan Kosher strives to make veganism more accessible, convenient and acceptable. The certified Vegan Kosher logo is an additional way to introduce the concept of veganism to the general public, to consumers of kosher products around the world, and to industry in general. Vegan Kosher aspires to promote humanity to an existence where animals are no longer used by humans for food, clothing, entertainment or any other purpose.

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