With close to 10% of Israelis adopting a vegan lifestyle, Israel is on its way to becoming the world’s first vegan nation. Such an achievement would not only alleviate tremendous suffering, but also help Israel serve as a global Kiddush Hashem.

But that goal can only be achieved by inspiring religious Israelis, a significant portion of Israeli society, who are currently unaware of the practical and religious issues involved in eating animals.

Our aim is to create a revolution in the religious world by putting Asa’s powerful book, Velifnei Iver Hashalem, in as many hands as possible.

Your monthly donation of $50 can make that a reality. It will put one book a month in the hands of a religious Jew who would otherwise remain unaware of the significant halachic implications of eating animals.  

Please join us in helping to spread the word and become our partner in being a light to all of Israel and the world at large.

Also, when you donate $50 or more monthly, you’ll receive a complementary copy of the book.


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