Terms and Conditions, Terms of use and Privacy policy


  1. The NPO allows users to donate money using this website for the use in pursuing the NPO’s goals, in a simple, easy and quick manner.
  2. Any use of the website, including for the purpose of donation constitutes as agreement to follow the terms listed here. Please read them carefully.
  3. The different term headlines are for comfort and should be used for interpreting the terms.

General Terms:

  1. You can donate to the NPO only if you’re 18 years old or above.
  2. The NPO does not commit to provide the donors with any compensation in return for their donation
  3. The donor is allowed to approach the NPO with a request for changing the details of the donation or canceling it altogether. Donations can be cancelled within 30 days from the time of the phone or website donation. The NPO make the necessary change based on the policy of the credit card company at the time. Cancellations will be carried out based on the Israeli law for consumer protection of 1981.
  4. The NPO commits to using donation money only for pursuing the NPO goals.

Data Security:

  1. The website is secured by Cardcom and is PCI compliant.
    During the credit card donation process, the system would check the validity of the card with the credit card company; In case the transaction is approved, the donor’s card would be charged and a receipt would be sent to the donor’s email. In case the transaction is not approved, the donor would receive an appropriate message and would need to contact the NPO via email (asakeisar@gmail.com) in order to complete the transaction.
  2. It is forbidden to provide false information. Providing false information is a crime. A user who will do so will face charges.

Liability limitation:

  1. The NPO will not be liable for any unlawful activity taken by the website’s users or for any other factor which is not in its full control.
  2. The full liability for any mistake in data fed into the website by the user is on the user and the user will bear the consequences of such a mistake. The computer records as they shown by the NPO and/or the credit card company would be used as evidence that the data showing is indeed the data typed by the user.
  3. The information and content published on the website are meant to inform the users of the actions and positions of the NPO.
  4. The user declares that they understand that the content of the website is not legal, medical, professional or any other kind of advice.
  5. The user commits to verify any information found in the website and declares that they will not rely on it.
  6. The NPO and its representatives will not be liable for any direct and/or indirect and/or circumstantial damage of any kind caused and/or followed by browsing and/or using the website and its information.
  7. The links from the website to other sites are meant to make it easy for the user to get to those sites and the NPO or its representatives will not be liable for any direct and/or indirect and/or circumstantial damage of any kind caused to the user by browsing to those sites or by relying on the information in them.
  8. In cases that are out of the control of the NPO or are a result of an extraordinary force, the NPO will not be liable for any direct and/or indirect and/or circumstantial damage of any kind caused to the donor or their representatives by data loss or data reaching a hostile party and/or data being used without permission.
  9. The NPO is allowed to deny the user from donating using the website by blocking them based on its judgement including a case where the user broke any of these terms and/or deliberately used false information while using the website and/or committed an unlawful act and/or broke the law and/or the user took an action (or failed to take one) that could harm the NPO/its representatives or the website.


  1. The NPO and/or the website operator is allowed to use the users personal information for internal purposes only.
  2. The website operator commits to delete a user’s personal information and not to use it for the NPO’s purposes if they are asked to do so by the user explicitly and in writing.
  3. The website operator will not be considered to be breaking the privacy duty or considered in violation of a user’s privacy, due to any information, as defined by Israel’s computers law of 1995, which would allow to identify or track a user by another person, which resulted by the use of electronic communication devices in general and computer communication in particular.
  4. The website operator will not share personal and identifying user information with a third party. The previous statement will not stop the website operator from sharing information as it is required of them in legal proceedings and any request and/or subpoena which would be directed at them by the authorized parties under the law.


  1. If you do not agree with these terms, you are requested not to use this website.
  2. Any interpretation of these terms and/or action and/or dispute caused by them, will be handled according to the laws of the state of Israel. Any dispute or question regarding these terms would be brought to the ruling of the relevant court in the district of Tel-Aviv/Jaffa.
  3. In any case of contradiction between what the website is stating and these terms, the instructions of these terms will overcome.