Vegan Kosher is a stamp established by the vegankosher organization headed by Rabbi Asa Keisar, which has been promoting veganism in Israel for nearly a decade. The organization has established an external kashrut committee comprised of Jewish ultra-Orthodox rabbis whose job is to verify, monitor, and confirm as a religious and moral obligation that the product is 100% vegan, and 100% kosher.

Vegan Kosher is a certification confirming and promising to anyone who is interested in buying only vegan and kosher products that they are indeed such. The vegan kosher certification is not only intended for kosher consumers who adhere to the rules of Jewish law, but also that the product is completely vegan.

Vegan kosher also approves non-food products and services. Although the term kosher applies specifically to Jewish dietary laws, according to Jewish law the current industry of animal products is accompanied by severe transgressions of the law prohibiting animal cruelty. The Vegan kosher certificate approves that the product has been produced without transgressing this prohibition. [In order to delve deeper into the matter, please study the book In Front of the Blind by Rabbi Asa Keisar.]

The need for a Vegan Kosher certification has arisen due to vegan consumers’ huge demand for vegan products combined with a high standard of kashrut.

The validity of Vegan Kosher’s certification is due to the thorough examinations done on each product, stemming from both religious and moral considerations. The kosher committee operates with a sense of its religious mission to oversee kashrut, adhering to the ancient tradition of the Jewish people regarding such supervision.

Vegan Kosher consists of a committee of ultra-Orthodox rabbis who have exclusive control over decisions regarding product supervision.

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